Mission Statement

…All about you.
The combined mission of The InGroup is to ensure that our goals are fully aligned with those of our clients. Our comapany The InGroup aim to provide independent and objective advice, and deliver an all-in-one solution for your family’s affairs – saving you time, stress, and money. Preserving wealth for generations to come…

Paul Morrison
Managing Partner

Core Principles

Any family wealth management decision carries an inherent risk, but especially for families that require services from a wide range of providers. By adhering to The InGroup’s core principles we ensure that all advice is in the best interest of the family, regardless of the divisions involved. Read more >>

Company Culture

The InGroup thrives in an environment where creativity and ideas are encouraged to flourish. At the heart of our culture is a shared set of core values, which shape the way we communicate and interact with each other and our clients alike.

Charity Work

The InGroup fully embraces corporate social responsibility. We believe that there is an ethical framework, whereby an organization has an obligation to act for the benefit of society as a whole. Corporate social responsibility is a duty every company should perform to maintain the balance between the economy and the ecosystems.