Purchase or sale of a business: The InGroup’s experienced team believes that the key to a successful transaction is based on a simple and consistent model. Time and time again, we stick to the basics to ensure the best result for our clients.

Corporate & Acquisition strategy: Strategy is vital, so calling on years of experience, The InGroup team can develop clear corporate strategies and M&A plans.

Deal thesis: Successful deals are improved by a logical and meaningful deal thesis. Aimed at the firm’s growth strategy, the thesis indicates the added value to both sides of the table.

Strategic due diligence: Investigating the deal and knowing where to look is vital. Careful due diligence helps you understand the intricacies of the deal in more depth. The InGroup team knows exactly how and where we can add value to set the price range accordingly, when to push and when to walk away.

Integration planning: Every deal is different, which means you must carefully consider all aspects of the business from corporate culture to IT systems to fully understand the correct value and problems associated with each deal.

Integration execution: Merging two companies requires a tight and rigorous integration list. You need to build a model based on the integration thesis and deal thesis, and act where it matters most.

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