Unique approach to managing your wealth


Invest provides you with an introduction to The InGroup’s investment philosophy and guides you through our unique financial advisory approach. Please click through the tabs and see why we are the team that can help you find what you are looking for. It is impossible to display everything we advise on, so we welcome the opportunity to provide additional information upon request using one of our boxes below for further information.

Personal profile & Analysis

Understanding you…

At The InGroup, we take a different approach to understanding our clients by using our unique personal profile and analysis questionnaire. This provides a more in-depth approach and more personalised assessment than traditional methods. Complementing this with the experience of your advisor, the questionnaire allows us to see into the mind and heart of your unique financial personality. This approach is constantly refreshed to keep up with the ever-changing world we live in. As a result, our investment strategy decisions are aligned and guided by a full understanding of your objectives.


Fixing the ship before setting sail…

In one shape or form, people have made investment steps through their own initiative, or on advice from banks or advisors. Many clients are unaware of their overall investment strategy. Therefore, The InGroup creates an “Autopsy”, carefully designed to analyse existing holdings and identify current risk positions. Our role is to offer independent financial advice based on the findings, leading to a full understanding of the rationale and steps to be taken. Only then can you start to inject further investment with guidance from your financial personality and time-line based profile.


Freedom to choose…

One of The InGroup’s five core principles is to be independent. Being free to explore the world of investment possibilities is vital in creating a well-balanced portfolio suitable for you.


“It is the part of a wise man to keep himself today for tomorrow, and not venture all his eggs in one basket.” – Sancho Panza – Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes [1547-1616].

Diversification is one method of mitigating risk. Using an open-architecture approach allows The InGroup to constantly seek out robust and tactical opportunities with leading global investment managers. In particular, we focus on a strong performance pedigree with rigorous risk controls, and the ability to outperform their benchmarks consistently. The InGroup blends these components into investment portfolios that accurately reflect client risk preferences to ensure optimal, risk-adjusted performance.

Monitoring & rebalancing

Even carefully crafted portfolios do not run themselves!

In this ever-changing world, maintaining the investment strategy of your portfolio requires time, knowledge, and constant monitoring. The InGroup’s experienced team is fully focused on monitoring your investment portfolio, and constantly seeking out opportunities for you to maximise your investment. As an InGroup client, you will be immediately notified of new investment opportunities as they arise. Dealing orders and administration requests generated are controlled and processed by our in-house back office team, providing you with an efficient and personalised service.

Performance driven

Shared goals, shared success

Our remuneration is a direct reflection of our clients’ portfolio performance. Using a high-water-mark formula underlines The InGroup’s dedication to ensuring we consistently achieve the best results for you. Every quarter we will provide you with a detailed valuation of all your portfolios held with us.