The InGroup Approach

The average high net worth family has more than twenty different suppliers providing a range of financial services for its everyday life. Managing these service providers can be an overwhelming prospect. Some families may find that they need comprehensive services while others may find they only need simple insurance needs, or investment strategy advice. Although these needs can be assigned to a specific division, most are still interrelated. Since every client is unique, we need to understand the way you perceive your wealth. Applying The InGroup’s multi-layered profiling process, we can start to identify your financial personality. After defining a clear individual strategy, the project is broken down into the key elements. Each element is assigned to a suitable division to manage independently, enabling our professionals to focus on their area of expertise and deliver objective and impartial financial advice. Combining these independent solutions into one group strategy results in a packaged solution fully aligned with your profile. The key focus of the The InGroup’s management is to perform centralised oversight of the project to ensure the collective goal is achieved and maintained. This group approach creates confidence and comfort in the day-to-day management of your wealth.